Beardo launches new campaign with Yash – ‘Only for Beardos’


The leading men’s fashion brand has announced a new style campaign titled “For Beardos Only”, by Yash. Consistent with their unwavering tonality, the new campaign emphasizes BEARDO’s features – sophisticated style, honest personality, killer look, and cut above everyone else.

The campaign celebrates the aura of men who choose to support, shape and care for beards. Yash to his greatest man in life, both on and off the screen, makes it come alive with his trademark beauty.

The definition of masculinity changes. We have come a long way since the days of fast shaving and putting hair with a gel on the go. Today’s sympathetic, well-educated, urban person loves to do his hair part-time, take care of his hair by a stylist, enjoys shopping, wears jewelry, and his bathroom is almost full of male-style lifestyle products.

Sujot Malhotra, the CEO, Beardo, said, “We are a product that is consistently built – not just by position but also, with real long-term authorization, As a company, we are proud to celebrate the beauty of manhood especially those who take the effort to shape and trim the beard – those who are better than Yash co-operate in doing the same.”

Beardo is not only a bearded professional who specializes in beard care products, we have also entered the men’s skincare industry which includes scrubs, lotions, masks, body wash, serum et al and a carefully selected hair list based on hair types and various hair problems that men tend to have.

We always come up with effective products that don’t bother to be used and work well for men. Our main focus is to change the men’s fitness game and help them become more stylish and sexual than ever. Being a blue Beardo at heart, we will always be producing products that men not only need but are truly fit for

With the appearance of various beards back in anger, Beardo recognized the lack of men’s makeup products and decided to change the men’s cosmetics game with special products made using the best ingredients and quality production process.

Commenting on his partnership, Yash said, “Adherence to the branding principle,“ Only for Beardos ”congratulates Beard as a celebration of men’s interest and urges men to show off their beauty.

Working with a team at Beardo has always been fun – we had a great time shooting only Beardos and I look forward to the fact that buyers will be very happy watching the movies.”

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