Nielsen is expanding to include college football teams


Nielsen has announced the expansion of its Nielsen Impact Score, which enables universities to recruit joint athletes.

This is carried out by displaying the marketing value of each athletic program, to now include more than 100 college football programs on its website.

Launched in October for the men’s college basketball event, the Nielsen impact score is designed to assist coaches and co-ordinating teams set the advertising fee of the program in line with the new NCAA name, image, rules, and uniforms for potential student athletes with full recruitment and accreditation.

Marketing data provided by Nielsen. Nielsen Sports, a global leader in sports media ratings, data intelligence, strategy, and data, has developed the Nielsen Impact Score to help demonstrate the impact of a cohesive sports team that can be brought to potential athletes.

With the touch of the leading TV measuring tools in the Nielsen industry, as well as its local market research data from Nielsen Scarborough, NIS is the first of its kind that can only be delivered by Nielsen.

Now, trainers can pull their program levels at the local or national level to aid recruitment efforts, demonstrating strengths in their program and benefits over other programs.

This allows programs using NIS to customize rental areas based on factors that can help a student athlete benefit from the new NCAA name, image, uniform rules.

There are more than 100 football programs involving schools from the American Athletic Conference (AAC), Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Big 12, Big Ten, Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC), Mountain West, Pac-12, Southeastern Conference (SEC) )), and private schools.

Nielsen Impact Score is a market value indicator that compares plans across all three key areas:

• National Exposure – The basis of any marketing agreement, this metric tells how much exposure to national television the college program offers its athletic students. This metric is based on Nielsen TV proprietary measurement data.

• Local Market Impact – College athletic marketing is highly dependent on regional and local market advertisers, and this metric estimates how local program market fans engage with local marketing activation. This section is provided using local market research data from Nielsen Scarborough.

• Social Media Interaction – This calculates the number of engagements of a social media platform audience with metrics including followers, engagement ratings, and more.

Nielsen Sports Managing Director Jon Stainer said, “It is gratifying to see the ongoing momentum and demand of Nielsen Sports and the kinds of data-driven solutions we can bring to the marketplace to help sports leagues, teams, governing our bodies, manufacturers, rights holders – and in this case, sports programs colleges.

Nielsen Sports is a leading provider of sports and sponsorship statistics and statistics worldwide, with solutions that include social media ratings, fan profiles, and digital and social analytics.

Nielsen Sports provides insight and analysis of more than 15,000 teams, leagues, and events and more than 150,000 products worldwide.

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