Benefits of contactless motor insurance during monsoon


The monsoon season already started in India and many of the states have facing flood threats. The cyclone like Amphan and Nisarga in June have caused widespread damage in the states of West Bengal and Maharashtra. Recent national calamities have added extra stress in everyone’s life. During this time the safety of the vehicle is very important. Contactless insurance plays a beneficial role in this monsoon season.

Some people don’t know how to recover losses. Contactless motor insurance helps them to ensure safety for their vehicle without even stepping out of their house. The following points explain how contactless motor insurance works.

Get Comprehensive Insurance: The customer has to take a comprehensive motor insurance policy. It covers car damages like engine failure, gearbox breakage caused due to water seepage or oil leakage during monsoon. It also offers some optional covers during monsoon such as Tyre protect, consumables cover, etc.

Use Instant Assist: All the procedures related to the insurance are digitalized, the entire process is cashless and it reduces the settlement claim period from days to minutes. The contactless insurance allows the insurers to upload the damaged vehicle photos more conveniently through their mobile phones without any delay. It also offers a 24*7 claim assistance service as well.

Get 24*7 Road Assistance: This 24*7 assistance in the comprehensive motor insurance policy will help the insurers to provide on-road help during the monsoon period. In case there is engine failure due to waterlogging and the vehicle breaks down happens during travel in the monsoon period this service would be helpful.

Cover your Vehicle Against Natural Disasters: Natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and storms can damage the vehicles. So the comprehensive policy can claim these losses. But for more safety the insures can take some add-on covers such as  Engine protector, consumable items, i.e. bolts, screws, lubricants, AC gas, bearings, distilled water, engine oil, etc.

How to claim your motor insurance: self-inspection is the best option for claiming the insurance. If an insurer met with an accident, the insurer only needs to take photographs of the damaged vehicle through the link shared by the insurer and the insurer will get back with a rough estimate.


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