Bingo’s new ‘Achha Aloo’ campaign


ITC snacking company, Bingo has introduced a new advertisement for their category of potato chips. The company decided to celebrate the ‘Achha Aloo,’ which is important in the most quirky way possible for the delectable chips.

The TVC features Ranveer Singh as a brand ambassador. The ad film tried to highlight that whatever makes its way into a Bingo pack! Chips are made from potatoes of ‘only good quality’ which are carefully selected and processed.

Bingo is an acclaimed brand for its unique, clutter-breaking, youth-centred, humorous communication that takes customers on an exciting and entertaining journey of content. This film is yet another amusing and entertaining brand movie in which they have rendered the centrepiece of ‘achha aloo’ (good potato), the company said in a press release.

Dressed as a detective, Singh is on a quest to locate a ‘achha aloo’ (good potato) in a potato-filled location. He tricks those around him to help himself identify the right potato, by purposely pretending to fall down with a bag filled with money. While most potatoes run towards the bag loaded with money, a good potato comes to his rescue. Ranveer meets with success on his quest and this instantly changes his mood and is seen in a mood of celebration. At the end of the movie, Ranveer is seen giving the title of ‘Achha Aloo’ and a crown to the potato. The aim of this advertisement is to spread the message that the brand only uses good quality potatoes.

“Bingo is one of the country’s best-loved snacking brands today. Although there is a friendly and humorous undertone in the commercials … in line with Bingo! Our firm belief is that the reason behind great tasting chips is good quality ingredients and this new TVC is an attempt to share that message with our consumers. The enthusiasm quotient is elevated with Ranveer on board in our contact with a strength that only he can carry, “ITC spokesperson said.

Hygiene and quality are absolutely crucial to consumers in these times as they make purchase decisions. Bingo! Needed to convince customers of its quality quotient by its classic fun and acerbic attitude, which is admired by the brand.

The TVC is consistent with the quirky image of the company and shows the dedication of Bingo to quality.


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