Indian aviation brands figure in India’s Top 100 brands


While other categories of global brands dominate, the airline category in India’s top 100 brands tells a whole different story, with IndiGo ranked 33, followed by Air India at 39—away ahead of global brands like Air Asia at 96 and Emirates at 131. Experts argue that the main reasons airlines excel with domestic consumers are the number of routes to IndiGo and the number of years to Air India in business.

“Whether it is Emirates, which is just nine indigenous cities, Indigo is on 63 routes, whilst Air India is on 59, is a very important one,” explained Kiran Khalap, MD and co-founder of Chlorophyll. Clearly, these products are more available to travelers and thus have a higher salience.

Another very important factor is experience. ” “Most Indians are much more exposed to domestic flights than international flights, so their use and exposure to domestic carriers are much greater. IndiGo operated about 1,600 aircraft and transported some 2.5 lakh passengers. Air India ‘s flight costs about 800 and passengers 85,000 a day. There is therefore a high level of familiarity and therefore confidence in these airlines, which keeps millions of Indians mobile upwards.

Khalap adds that businesses need to regularly match their operating strategies to the brand concept to earn a high score, and IndiGo does so. The entire plan of action was adjusted to perspire its airplane stock, keeping them noticeable all around and not on the field.” Indigo has likewise increased decent notoriety for its schedule, which they have consistently sought after. What different brands should know is that their showcasing techniques are lined up with the way of thinking of the organization. Each branch of the Indigo business “is fixated by satisfying the marked thought of flying as effectively and efficiently as conceivable as opposed to mistaking the trip for an extravagance administration,” he includes, from staying with the Airbus A320 to streamlining support and substitution loading.

These two brands have not really been positioned among the best 1000 Asia marks this year. “IndiGo rose from 757 to 671, however Air India really made the rundown of our most sensational drops this year, as it fell 327, from 419 to 746. It has never halted and belittled its crowd.


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