Bombay Shaving Company brings salon experience to the Delhi


Bombay Shaving Company has been traveling through Delhi’s back alleys with scissors and combs for the past month. It has been providing a quality salon experience to people who would otherwise be unable to afford it by traveling about in its mobile salon.

Bombay Shaving Company has only one concept salon in Delhi where customers may try out the products, but it hosts pop-up salons and activations in malls regularly. However, it now wished to make this experience available to individuals who may not have had access to it or who could not afford it.

The #ShavesForGood campaign aims to give back to society by reaching out to those who might not otherwise have access to the brand’s products. They drove the mobile salon, which was expressly designed for this campaign, around Delhi’s working-class neighborhoods throughout December, allowing people to try out their services.

“Christmas season is also a time to give back,” says Lalit Lobo, VP of marketing at Bombay Shaving Company. As a company, we think that our products should allow you to enjoy a few moments of happiness. As a result, we want everyone to feel and perform at their best,” he stated.

The salon chair within amazes passers-by with its clear glass walls. It is parked in one area for a day, and people come to learn more about it. They join the queue when they witness other folks having a shave or a trim. They were able to reach roughly 30 people every day with a shave that took about 20 minutes.

While the goal is to give back to the community, Lobo emphasizes that this is not a corporate social responsibility effort. Instead of forcing customers to travel to a specific location, the brand may reach out to them in their neighborhoods. Its mobility also allows it to go to new locations, and it plans to do so shortly.

In the future, the Bombay Shaving Company aims to collaborate with the military forces, as well as old age homes and other centers for neglected individuals, to provide them with 10 minutes of delight.

“We want to make a long-term business out of ‘Shaves for Good.'”It will be a community touchpoint effort in which we reach out to folks who want to take a 10-minute break to get a fantastic makeover but don’t have the time or money to go to a high-end salon.

We’ve already contacted our partners about developing more mobile salons, and we’ll be launching them in other cities soon. “We’ll start with the metros,” he remarked, referring to Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. The business also wants to bring mobile salons to college festivals and campuses as part of the program.

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