Brand Lessons from Tokyo 2020 Olympics


Olympics is the pinnacle of all sports. It is the measure of human abilities to the highest potential. The event is an opportunity to showcase long earned, trained ability before the world, and in the process, get global exposure and appreciation for their extreme sporting talent and skill.

India got a total of seven medals with main sports like Hockey, Boxing, Javelin throw, Wrestling, and even Golf, which caught the viewers’ attention.

And obviously, the brands wanting to get some attention and more popularity have been doing their part. It all started with Domino’s announcement of free pizzas for Mirabai Chanu in winning a silver medal in weightlifting. After that, every other brand followed its suit to join the bandwagon of moment marketing.

From congratulating P.V. Sindhu on her Bronze win by many brands to appreciating every Indian Olympian on their success and winning a medal. The brands have come forward in every possible way to promote their brand in the name of the sportspersons.

Brands like Tata and JSW have been following and sponsoring several players and supporting them in many cases, with long-term commitments. We have needed this kind of branding than just self-centered and cheap ones, which is for selfish attention and easy deliberate marketing. We need brands to come up and support the players than just using their wins as an opportunity in marketing their brands and products.

Brands need to understand that winning at the Olympics or any other form of the highest level of sport, does not happen overnight, and that needs decades of preparation. Brands need to partner in their journey with them and not look in cheap tactics sponsoring just because they have come back with medals.

Various brands were approached to sponsor athletes, but they did not respond. Now that some of them have returned with medals, they are looking to those very same athletes for communication of thanks to Moment Marketing.

Brands must look at multiple sports for endorsement. It allows greater participation, wider fanbase and encourages more and more talented sportspersons to come up on board. So as a start Olympic stars may be used as endorsers and that will give out a positive signal.

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