Brand Names: Logic Behind Naming a Brand


Before starting a company, one needs to think about the name that one intends to give their brand. The concept of naming can vary according to the needs and category of the services or products provided, but in some cases, they might make no sense at all. 

Seemingly finding a name that succinctly encapsulates what the business does can work in favor and sometimes not. Marketing and advertising industry veterans spill the beans about the fun stories behind naming their companies. Here are some brands’ names that say little about their business. 

Some brands and agencies have had names that are poles apart from their actual expertise. Though brands like Virgin and Apple have names that they don’t need to explain themselves anymore as they are established and can even be called legendary in a sense. But others might not be that lucky. 

Sugarbox, a tech company, is easily mistaken for a bakery by its name. The brand does anything but sell bread. It is instead a tech company that looks to enable faster and cheaper digital access. Rohit Paranjpe, co-founder and CEO of Sugarbox, explains the relevance of the name “ Adding sentiment to the word and how a person perceives it is the key. You should be able to create brand names that induce positive emotions. What the person feels when they hear a name is what matters the most.” he says.

Langoor’ is another agency providing services claims that its name, which means ‘crazy’ in colloquial Hindi, reflects its view that one needs to be crazy to change the world for good.

22feet Tribal Worldwide is another name that gets one thinking, and the theme behind it is the length of the human gut, which is a metaphor for gut instinct.

Bewakoof is a quirky apparel company that claims that the name reflects its light-hearted nature and playful stance. It has evolved into an iconic in-trend brand, flaunted by the youths and Gen Z. 

How brand perception is made in the first five or six seconds of any visual or aural stimulus is theorised to be impactful if the name is crafted cleverly, uniquely, it can deliver subliminal cues about various aspects of the company. Its origin, service, product or the personality they want to portray, their USP, values or ethos. A brand name is a potent weapon in the brand’s armoury.

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