#BroHealthCode by Practo


Practo has launched the #BroHealthCode campaign for men. The campaign aims to debate common health issues associated with men.

Practo, India’s integrated healthcare company, has started this campaign to place a spotlight on men’s health. 

The campaign aims to educate and encourage men to prioritize their health. The campaign leverages the millennial’s lingo ‘bro’ to make them comfortable about discussing and knowing their health problems. 

Men face greater health risks than women in 58 per cent of states worldwide as per a report by WHO and India is one in all the four G20 countries in Asia where men’s health gap is concerning.

The campaign ‘The Bro Health Code’ marks International Men’s Day. Practo has launched a webpage with a section dedicated to major men’s health issues.

The platform will feature a guidebook that will act as an assistant for men to become more cognizant of their health and health-related issues.

Instructions on self-examination for various ailments like seminoma would be an element of the playbook. The downloadable version of the section would be made available by the tip of November 2021.

Srikanth Pinninti, Executive VP – Marketing, Practo, says “November or Movember, as we popularly understand it, maybe a month dedicated to raising awareness of men’s health issues. But why should talking about men’s health be restricted to only a month?

If anything, the pandemic has taught us to prioritize healthcare, regardless of our age or gender. 

This initiative could be a step in this direction. With this campaign, we are progressing to create awareness about the requirements to bridge the gap in men’s healthcare and build visibility for health concerns plaguing men.

We hope this platform becomes a secure space for men to debate health issues that they normally wouldn’t discuss.”

Practo has created a unique blog section called the ’Brommunity’. This is an exclusive blog section for men’s health. Experts associated with Practo will address the issues here.

Using the favoured term ‘bro code’, the initiative is highlighted on Practo’s social media pages likewise. The brand will encourage ‘bros’ to speak to others and consult doctors so on decode their health problems. 

The webpage will feature an easily accessible landing page dedicated to the men’s health category. Users can access the page on the app storefront within the sort of a tile.

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