Bumble’s ‘Stand for Safety’


Bumble an online dating app and it’s a women-first social networking app. This popular dating app has brought back its stand for safety initiative again in India after a successful launch of its first edition last year.

Stand For safety is a safety handbook created with the partnership of center for social research (CSR) and Nyaaya to give awareness throughout digital safety and show support to the population in identifying and compacting online abuse, bullying and discrimination.

The main objective of this campaign is to make the app’s continued global effort to create and safety digital environment and also a respectful one. The handbook which is created by Nyaaya is an independent open access digital resource, which provide simple actionable information to educate the people abut the laws and legal rights to exercise them in any of the situation faced in online hates and discrimination. We should be delighted to be partner with these two groups to support our society and community and boost up them with powerful information to recognize and compact online abuse, harassment and discriminations.

Bumble is an application which is build in the purpose of entertainment also it gives a core value of kindness, follow equality and safety has been the key mission of Bumble. The ‘Stand for safety’ initiative of the app created a world where the relationships are healthy and equitable. A nationwide study on bumble show that how online harassment affects the people across the country and some of the notable findings are:

•           1 out of 2 people encountered hateful contents online, in which 1 out of 4 women were witnessed in negative comment about the physical appearance.

•           More than half of people said they felt angry after facing online hate, bullying and discrimination on their physical appearance.

•           Half of the people says that by facing online bullying and discriminations it made them hard to trust other people.

The introduction of Bumble’s safety handbook is markable step in the digital world, and the purpose of it is to empower the users with the right tool to fortify their well-being in the online space. A big disserving hats off to the Bumble team and the partners of ‘stand for safety’ for their effort to make the internet safer and kinder space specially for women and other marginal community.

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