Burger King’s greatest ever ‘Ch’King’ sparks the chicken sandwich war


The Burger King chicken sandwich war is finally on. From terrifying the King to threatening its prized ‘Whopper,’ the opponent is already putting on its best show just 2 weeks since the debut. This time the war has a slight twist, gunning for the crown from ‘Whopper’ is not a burger from another rival company, but Burger King’s all-new chicken sandwich- hand-breaded Ch’King.

Burger King’s all-new ‘Ch’King’ is not just good, it’s scary good to take on the mighty Whopper. The mouth-watering savoury delight is a hand-breaded chicken fillet topped with Burger King’s own speciality mayonnaise-based sauce, plus pickles on a brioche potato bun.

The name ‘Ch’King’ came directly from Burger King fans after its chicken sandwiches that are already on the menu received acclaim on social media. “We want to be the first in mainstream QSR to brand a chicken sandwich the Ch’King,” said, Ellie Doty, Chief Marketing Officer- Burger King, in an interview with Yahoo Finance.

Burger King unveiled ‘Ch’King’ earlier this year following a lengthy testing period. The much-anticipated weapon is Burger King’s wild-card entry into the ongoing chicken war among Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chains in the U.S.  The stage is now set for the chicken sandwich war and battling head-on with the chicken sandwiches of KFC, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Arby’s, Chick-fil-A, Shake Shack, Smashburger, Jimmy John’s, McDonald’s and its sibling brand Popeyes is Burger King’s ‘Ch’King.’

The minute-long spot to promote the all-new Burger King ‘Ch’King’ is the brainchild of creative agency DAVID Miami. The dream-like sequence features the King (Burger King’s mascot) who is left terrified after seeing the social media messages eulogizing the ‘Ch’King.’ With ‘Our greatest yet’ Ch’King making its way “The Whopper better run.” The voiceover for the spot is done by Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor Paul Giamatti who asks, “Has the Whopper finally met its match?”

The “Royal Perks” Program

The suggested retail price for Burger King ‘Ch’King’ ranges between $3.99 to $4.99 depending on the location. Burger King’s recently launched “Royal Perks” program allows customers to score a Whopper for free with the purchase of the all-new ‘Ch’King’ sandwich.

By using value menus and digital-only offers, QSR’s are bringing in new tactics to hold on to their spot in the chicken sandwich battle. So, will ‘Ch’King’ be crowned the King of chicken sandwiches? A daunting question as Burger King sets foot into the cutting-edge battle to win the hearts and satisfy the appetite of hungry patrons.

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