KFC brings back the ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ slogan


KFC, the World’s second-largest Quick-Service Restaurant chain unpaused its ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ slogan with a new spot that oozes with juicy love for fried chicken. With the release of KFC’s latest spot titled “KFC- Love You Too,” the brand not only brought back its famed slogan but also announced a “more modern take” on its classic red and white colours with a revamped packaging. KFC’s packaging revamp announcement comes shortly after its fellow QSRs Burger King and McDonald’s also recently revamped their packaging.

The “KFC-Love You Too” spot for the UK and Ireland audience comes as one feel-good package for all the KFC fans out there. KFC partnered with London-based independent creative agency “Mother” to conjure up the level of adoration for their fans and compile it into a one-minute-long spot.

From enjoying a KFC fried chicken bucket with your roomie to the boys urging the cab driver to take them through the KFC drive-thru, the spot has incorporated all the classic finger lickin’ scenes KFC is treated to. Be it a marriage proposal at a KFC restaurant or cutting a KFC bucket cake the ad has it all covered in one go. KFC’s latest spot ‘KFC-Love You Too’ brings out the deep love KFC fandom has for the brand which is funky enough to drive them to get inked with Colonel Sanders. The spot concludes with a perfect epitome of creativity when the folks call the police because KFC ran out of chicken.

Back in August 2020, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) had temporarily suspended their highlight long-term advertisement slogan calling it inappropriate in the COVID-19 pandemic situation where it went against the COVID safety measure of “don’t touch your face often.” The ad titled “KFC: Piano” also vanished from our screens because it too went against the public health authorities’ safety measures. The ad was set to the reworked version of Chopin’s ‘Nocturne op.9 No.2.’  The minute-long spot edged on ASMR, showed KFC eaters in pure ecstasy as they licked the secret spice off their fingers.

In the new KFC packaging being rolled out this summer, Colonel Sanders’ head will still adorn the buckets, cups and sandwich wrappers, but the refreshed designs will more closely imitate its original signature bucket. In the report as per CNN, KFC also said that “it’s adding reheating instructions and a brief blurb about the history of its fried chicken to its buckets.”

Jack Hinchliffe, Marketing Director at KFC UK and Ireland, said, “We wanted this campaign to celebrate each and every one of our fans. They have been unwavering and constantly show us their dedication in wonderful ways. We really do love you too.”

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