For World Bicycle Day, Ogilvy developed #WeWillRideAgain campaign


June 3rd is celebrated as World Bicycle Day. Normally, thousands of cyclists would have taken to the road to commemorate a day dedicated just to them. But this isn’t your typical era. We are in the midst of a global epidemic, and rather than celebrating, we are obliged to stay indoors, with riding being the last thing on our thoughts.

We’ve always advocated for good health and optimism as a company, and there’s no better time than now to promote that message. We want people to look forward to a brighter future and believe that one day we will be able to embrace a world where #WeWillRideAgain.

The goal of this short is to encourage individuals and remind them of the pleasure of riding. And cling on to the hope that we will soon be able to share in that delight.

“We are all going through really trying times right now. We want to leave our houses, but we can’t because of everyone’s safety. TI Cycles wanted to join in the celebrations on World Bicycle Day. With this in mind, we’re sending out a message of optimism, desire, and something we’re all looking forward to: getting back out on the bike” said, Sushant Jena, Senior Vice President, TI Cycles of India.

We’re hoping that everything will return to normal soon, but in the meanwhile, as we wait for safer days to ride, we’d like to honour the spirit of good rides and good times.

“Today, our spirits are wet and corroded, like a bicycle in the garage. But, just as the sun rises every morning after the darkest of nights, these difficult days will pass as well. We wanted to use this analogy to emphasise our brand’s theme of optimism and hope. This is a simple short on a basic idea: good things, such as riding, will return to us” commented, George Kovoor, Digital Lead, Ogilvy South.

The film is solely composed of images that depict the current situation of bicycles. Bicycles that have been parked everywhere in our homes—in bedrooms, living rooms, terraces, and basements—waiting to be used again.

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