Ogilvy & BIG FM launch initiative about bird safety on the occasion of Uttarayan


During this festival, the sky is turned into a canvas where thousands of colorful kites conquer the sky. Uttarayan is a festival we look forward to because it was great to see the sky change color that day.

Uttarayan is a fun festival and we are happy to be a part of this colorful festival. At the same time, we must be careful not too harmful towards birds. We cannot enjoy this festival at the expense of nature. The sky is a home for birds and they need to feel safe there. While birds rule the sky all year round on this day, it has been observed that many birds die when they come into contact with the glass coating used to fly dueling kites across the sky by cutting the kites over each other. Often the birds in these duels were caught on ropes in the sky and are hurt or killed.

BIG FM, known for its thoughtful and focused initiatives, will raise awareness as BIG FM RJ will interview a talking parrot who will answer RJ’s questions. The activity took place in the morning of Utarayan in Baroda and Surat. Before this activity started, a teaser with the same parrot sound was posted on BIG FM.

In the midst of this joyful celebration, birds that die from glass threads entangled in the sky are in the greatest danger. That’s why they wanted to make people aware of the dangers of using this string and who, better than the bird itself, would tell the world what it was like. So they turned Parrot into a public speaker who brought home the message about the dangers of using glass-coated yarn and encouraged people to use glass-coated yarn.

Utarayan, also known as New Year in the Hindu calendar, brings a lot of hope and happiness to many people. However, since everyone is looking forward to the sky sowing bright kites, it is also important to consider how dangerous it is to birds. At BIG FM, they have always believed in creating and promoting provocative thinking and targeted campaigns. That’s why they are all excited to partner with Ogilvy, who is taking a step forward in raising awareness and to deliver this important message to celebrate considering this at this festival.

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