“Cadbury contains Beef!!!” Fact or a Hoax


       Cadbury is a name that is well known and resonates among every individual irrespective of age. It is one of the most loved chocolate brands in India. The fun fact is that Cadbury is even used instead of traditional sweets during the seasons of Hindu Festivals.

       Cadbury is well known for its quality products and refinement in substance, but now is facing controversy with netizens demanding #BoycottCadbury products. This all started right after a right-wing Hindu spokesperson shared a screenshot from the website of Cadbury that read, “Please note that if any of our products contain gelatine as ingredients, the used gelatine is halal certified and is derived from beef.”

       The screenshot was reportedly from Cadbury’s Australia website. That created a furore among the Hindu netizens who expressed their concern that if their long-loved favourite brand contained any traces of beef in it. Cow being a worshipped entity in Hindu mythology, struck a discord among many Hindus who expressed their anger and anguish on the internet and social media. Many users urged for clarification if the products sold in India contained any beef-derived gelatine in them.

       The statement from Cadbury came after the netizens started a social media furore over the issue using a hashtag calling for the boycott of Cadbury products, with a justification that the company does not use beef in any of its products and are 100% vegetarian. The chocolate-making firm wrote that” Hello, the shared screenshot in the tweet is not related to Mondelez products manufactured in India. All our products manufactured in India are 100% vegetarian. The green dot on the wrapper indicates that’.

       The company then appealed to the customers to verify each and every fact about Cadbury’s product before sharing them directly. “As you know, negative posts like these damages the consumer trust in us and our loved and well respected brands. We request our consumers to kindly verify all fact related to our products before sharing them any further,” Cadbury added.

       We as individuals should always be keen to verify the news that we hear or receive from one source or another. There is always a chance that the piece of information may be inaccurate and misleading. Let us be responsible citizens. Let us all spread joy and love than hate and chaos.

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