Clubhouse is now open for all users on iOS and Android


Clubhouse is now open for all the users on iOS and Android. Last year it was only an invite-only platform, and it was only available on iOS. But it started beta testing on Android, and now the developer Alpha Exploration has announced that Clubhouse will not require an invite to join. The company has got its new logo and website.

Last year clubhouse has released as an IOS, invite-only app in beta. Lots of users have joined in these subsequent months where celebrities were getting involved. Billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk also appeared on the app. Now the club is releasing its beta version and opening it to everyone who wants to join on both Android and IOS

So, people who have a club can now post their links to everyone. Creators can bring their audience to join Clubhouse. For everyone, in two weeks they will release the updates.

After making it available to each user the number of daily rooms has now grown from 50,000 to half a million. 10 million users have joined the community after the release of the beta ad 90 million direct messages have been sent since the direct messaging feature was added to the clubhouse.

Clubhouse recently has partnered with TED to bring TED talks. This app will get a brand new icon each month. Using this feature users can chat one-on-one and in groups and can send links in the clubhouse. For direct messaging, we need to find a paper airplane-like icon on anybody’s profile page. Presently this feature will not allow users to delete messages. So, we need to message carefully.

The invite system has been an important part of early history. Welcoming new faces weekly on Wednesday orientations and talking on each Sunday. So, based on these things Clubhouse decided that it should be open to all the users. Everyone within the world should have access to significant conversations.

Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and others have also started performing on their versions of social audio platforms.

Best rooms within the clubhouse will lead to the best conversations where we are able to meet people far from outside the social circle.

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