TED & Clubhouse became the First Global Social Audio Partners


A Clubhouse is a place people can talk, meet, and share ideas just by creating rooms. TED is a global community where people from every discipline and culture will come forward, and sharing ideas in the form of powerful talks that cover all the global issues.

Now, Clubhouse and TED are collaborating for the exclusive line-up for programming. This partnership will bring TED to speak on Clubhouse on various topics. This is the first social audio partnership for TED which contains a strong history on innovative platforms.

In a clubhouse where people can create and join a room where they will only do is talk and chat with the others in a conference call there is no sharing of pictures, videos, or perhaps text. Anytime users can leave and join the call. When we open the app there will be an inventory of rooms and whose there in each room. Clubhouse always wants users to explore different topics. The Room will always be hosted by celebrities, venture capitalists, journalists, and others. Recently Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are also spoken in Clubhouse calls.

TED be a conference where it covers Entertainment, Design converged, and Technology moreover it covers the majority of all the topics from science to global issues, also in more than 100 languages. It builds free knowledge from the world’s most inspired thinkers. Also, it engages with new ideas both online TED and TEDx events around the world. Today TED boasts a collection of 3000 TED talk videos from politicians to actors. And, Sharing more ideas and thoughts with more people and more conversations around the world.

This partnership will bring many minds into dialogues with the immeasurable creators who make the Clubhouse. Also, this partnership clubhouse features programs including Thank your Ass Off, a weekly room hosted by author and TED speaker and Clubhouse creator. When ideas are shared and people come together to engage and debate with the real impact will happen.

For almost forty years, TED has bought the world’s most prominent ideas and imaginations and many voices to audiences. The nature of the Clubhouse will empower TED speakers not only to share also to have interaction with live audiences and insights and questions. Partner with Clubhouse is going to be the best platform for global communities to live and real-time with TED speakers.

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