CAGR of online gaming in India will raise 29% to reach 169 billion by 2025: KPMG


Online casual gaming to be the biggest sub-segment between the online gaming section in India, contributing 58% to the overall revenues by the FY25.

The online gaming segment has expanded at a fast pace in the last 3 to 4 years & is now competing with old forms of entertainment for the share of time spent on entertainment and media in a day. While the COVID-19 induced lockdowns harmed the traditional & economic segments of the M&E industry, online gaming as a segment got a leg up in terms of both consumption & partly, monetization. It evident from the fact that India had the greatest game downloads in the casual mobile gaming sub-segment in the world (excluding China) in 2020, with (Q1-Q3) 2020 downloads standing at 7.3 billion, accounting for 17% of the worldwide mobile game downloads. Further, the monthly active users for the top 100 mobile games and the time spent on online gaming, are higher by 10 to 15% post lockdown 2020, shows the establishment of a new normal.

Gamers across demographics took to online gaming as a means to connect with family & friends, with the distribution side also playing its part, in terms of multiple titles getting multiplayer characteristics, with a public layer to them, to motivate group consumption. India experiencing a second wave of the pandemic presently, it is predicted that the consumption of online casual gaming is likely to resume being robust, helped by the robust digital infrastructure that India has, and the pursued investments by global and Indian developers and publishers in making world-class games in-stock to the Indian gamer.

To decode the casual gaming market in India, its constituents & deep dive into what the upcoming times hold for this sub-segment, KPMG in India today introduced a report titled ‘Beyond the tipping point- A primer on Casual gaming in India’, which discloses that the entire online casual gaming sub-segment in India stood at a size of INR Sixty billion in FY21 & is shown to grow at a CAGR of 29% over FY21-25 to reach a size of INR 169 billion. The details aim to explain the online casual gaming sub-segment in India and the different lenses along which this definition can be seen.

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