5 Investments that can make your retirement joyful


We all know that the future is uncertain. Planning for retirement is more important because of this uncertainty. So, have you planned for it?

When it comes to planning for retirement, many factors are there that need to be considered. One of them is risk appetite.

Risk appetite again depends upon many factors. One of the important factors is age. The risk appetite of young people is more as compared to people of higher age. So, people with higher age should go for low-risk investments that give stable income.

Following are the good investments that can help you in your planning:

Immediate Fixed Annuities:

Immediate fixed annuities are a part of insurance. Here you have to make a lump-sum contribution. After a specified period, it gets converted into fixed regular income. Within the first year of your payments, you will begin receiving an income. However, it has a lock-in period.

Systematic Withdrawal Plan(SWP):

Here, you have to invest in a specific scheme of mutual funds. Fixed income at specific intervals will be credited to your account. It is the opposite of Systematic Investment Plan(SIP) in that, the specific amount gets debited at a particular date whereas; in this case, it gets credited.


There are different types of bonds like Fixed rate bonds, floating-rate bonds, zero interest rate bonds, perpetual bonds, etc. The most suitable type of bond for retirement is fixed-rate bonds as they provide a fixed rate of interest. So, fixed income is guaranteed. Moreover, you can track the exact amount of interest that you are going to earn on your deposits.

Real Estate Investments(REIT):

REITs are helpful for doing investments in real estate, they are listed on the stock exchange. If you want to take advantage of the growing real estate sector then it is a great option. Moreover, they are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI). They are transparent as they disclose the capital portfolio at regular intervals. Moreover, investing in it is also easy.

Dividend-yielding mutual funds:

In mutual funds, some schemes are related to dividend payout. This regular dividend income can help you in your later age. Before, investing in it, you should check the fund’s past performance and dividend-related details.


Here, mainly investments with low risks are covered. But, you should go for a diversified portfolio. The mix of high-risk and low-risk investments is ideal. As risk and return are directly related. Risk can earn you a higher return. Many factors like risk appetite, financial goals, etc. should be considered before going for any investment for retirement.

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