Campaign Trail: Audible responds to canceled summer trips with dreamy airline ads


Books can transport readers to other worlds this is what almost any bibliophiles will say about. A new advertisement by Audible UK plays on this sentiment by inviting people to Gilead, Mars, Hogwarts and other destinations of fiction through the Amazon owned audiobook platform.

The 30 second spot mimics the familiar welcome and safety message that airlines broadcast before takeoff, while vintage style visuals harken back to the 1950s and 60’s, which is usually mentioned because of the golden age of flying. With “Fly Audible,” the brand appears to be cheekily repositioning itself as a travel company, tapping into consumers’ pent up yearning to urge out and explore after months of social distancing.

Debuting within the U.K. this week, the campaign’s creative opportunity results from the unique context of worldwide lockdowns, consistent with Ryan Newey, chief creative officer of Audible’s agency Fold7.

Vintage visuals and a modern message

“Fly Audible” was developed in recent weeks from mostly repurposed video, consistent with Newey. That route alongside other options like splicing together user-generated content into a cohesive ad remains one among the few options for marketers as shutdowns have forced an interruption on in-studio production.

Radio ads complement the 30-second video spot, which closes with the line: “There is something different to urge away.” This plan is to reach homebound consumers’ keys into a bygone era of swanky aviation through images that mirror scenes from the hit show “Mad Men”. The creative technique of blending retro visuals with modern messages could stand out for today’s consumers, who are inundated with corona virus  advertisements that always look and sound alike. The spot was directed by Mark Denton of production company Thomas Thomas.

Newey said, “If you were planning to be a fictional airline, why wouldn’t you be one during the golden era of flight, when travelers would dress up, and be served coffee [and] towels, and it’d desire a real privilege or a big day.”

Remixing mindless moments

Before the pandemic hit, Audible UK and Fold7 were able to release a totally different summer campaign, one that chastised society for its smartphone obsession and positioned the audiobook brand as an antidote to “mindless moments,” per Newey.

“We’re all guilty of paying an excessive amount of your time on our phone and finding they only vacuum time, energy and life away, so Audible are often a refreshing alternative thereto,” he said. “However, during lockdown, it felt inappropriate for us to possess any quiet commentary about people spending an excessive amount of your time on their phones, because suddenly those devices are out due to attach with the earth.”


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