Self-grooming campaign from Havells: Case Study


Grooming products join the list, as consumers restricted reception are choosing grooming products to deal with the ‘new normal’.
We have seen an unprecedented demand for products like sanitizers and other essentials during this pandemic. Grooming products join the list, as consumers restricted reception are choosinggrooming products to deal with the ‘new normal’. Inaccessibility to salon services during the lockdown period of over two months also fuelled this trend.

The last twice there was a shift in fashion and thereforethe way we shopped and dressed was after the primary then the second war . The current health pandemic are going to be the world’s third major influence on fashion. This is what you should expect.
E-commerce marketplaces Amazon and Flipkart have seen demand double for some grooming products during recent months as compared to the pre-COVID times. Besides hair grooming products, the surge has also been witnessed for products like pedicure and manicure kits and facial kits.

Taking this into consideration, let’s get to know about the new grooming campaign launched by Havells. The topmost interesting thing that is going to hit the internet.

Havells India has announced its seven-week campaign on self-grooming to succeed in bentits consumers. It features four celebrity stylists including Jawed Habib, AmbikaPillai, SankyEvrus, and Pompy Hans who will share their perspective on various themes like styling reception , work from home styling, tips and tricks for monsoon styling and myths around styling tools.
It is no secret the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered our way of life. Although things seem uncertain right now and are difficult to predict, it is important to know that there are effective adjustments you can make to your digital marketing strategy that will bring solutions that can also meet your customers’ needs. Since the start of the virus pandemic, businesses have seen in-person store visits drop 90% within just a month.

The question that arises from this is, how will you respond? Now is the time you should be focusing on your digital marketing strategy, and how you are portrayed to your customers. You want to make things as easy as possible for them while also making sure you are positioning yourself for the highest level of success.

I’m not sure anyone can give a prediction on how this pandemic will end. The future appears to be very unclear. But the important thing to remember is that you still have control over how you are getting in front of your customers. You just have to make sure you are being proactive in responding to the digital marketing trends that are developing, and stay open-minded when it comes to your paid search strategy. And that’s the way Havells has adopted and it’s a great idea.


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