Can Nestlé find its next ‘Maggi moment’ in the 4-minute upma and poha? Case Study


In the wake of having tricked clients with its 2 minutes’ instant noodles, Nestlé extended its ready-to-eat food portfolio with the launch of Maggi Poha and Upma in last December (2019).  ‘Add hot water and serve in a short time, such us within 4 minutes’. One of the best morning meal choices, launched for the ‘hurry’ group, planned to give convenience and taste to the brand’s customers, particularly twenty to thirty-year-olds.

But Maggi is not the main brand in the class which is playing by these guidelines. Bangalore-based MTR Foods has a ‘3-minute range’ of breakfast dishes. The range incorporates two kinds of poha and upma, masala oats, and Kesari halwa. A year ago, instant food brand Gits also acquainted a scope of ready-to-eat instant foods, including a cup-based poha item. Home-grown brand iD Fresh Food has a scope of ready-to-eat south-Indian staples, for example, idli and dosa batter.

Under the current situation, where a large portion of people is still working from home, with no house help, the ready-to-eat instant food items surely have an additional benefit. On such occasions, can Maggi truly break the classification with its ‘minute’ game?

We connected with industry specialists to get their point of view on the same and to check what, as per them, should be Nestlé’s selling point for the recently launched products in the case of advertisement.

Samar Singh Shekhawat, business consultant and former CMO of United Breweries stated that “When Nestlé launched Maggi, it realized that noodles were not so much observed as nutritious food, but more of junk food or a liberal bite that could be eaten whenever in anytime and at anyplace. Thus, it concentrated on the taste and quick preparation time – two minutes. They as a whole realized that Maggi noodles take over two minutes to be prepared. In such a case, the sheer comfort, and the way that kids or children loved it, overrules that over the claim.  After that, when the chorus for healthy and nutritious foods grew, it launched a communication demonstrating Maggi noodles being eaten with slashed vegetables, and other side dishes, including the launch of unique flavors. It has also wandered into masala oats. Oats are highly nutritious, but unfortunately having a poor taste of acceptance. And in India, individuals will never sacrifice taste for health or wellbeing.  For this reason, there are masala oats.”


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