Can Omicron affect you twice?


Since our nation is in chaos with the third wave of Covid-19, The Omicron Surge, many notions have been on the platform of discussion such as is Omicron mild, can a person get infected twice with omicron is it the same variant of the Covid-19 virus. 

According to many other reports, the conclusion that has been occurred predicting the third wave of Covid-19 is that there are two variants of the virus present in this wave, mainly the delta and the omicron. 

The delta is mainly causing the covid deaths and the hospitalization rates which is very low compared to the second wave, the scientists say the second wave was not completely over when omicron hit us.

It has combined with the Omicron, hence the variation in the viruses genes and Omicron is the variant that is spreading faster among the people but it is mild compared to the variants of the first wave and second wave of the Covid. 

According to several data, there are fewer chances of the person getting infected twice. The person may be affected by the Covid-19 at the first time and now with Omicron with this time because there is a deviation between Omicron and the Covid variant.

The vaccination can prevent the variants from the Covid-19 and not the deviated variant Omicron and that is why we cannot control the spread of Omicron. The only relief factor is that it mainly comes and goes like the high flu. 

The hospitalization rate is very low with the Omicron variant and most people can withstand the symptoms with their immunity after the flu some feel very weak and some are doing okay according to their body systems and immunities. 

The resistant power of one’s body to these variants is their immunity level in the body as well as the vaccination they have taken to resist covid. People who haven’t taken vaccination might have a very hard stage dealing with the covid and high chances of death. 

The chances of reinfection are mainly because our body fails to recognize the Omicron variant from the Covid-19 variant and a recent study in Uk said that the risk of getting reinfected with Omicron is 5.4 times ahead of the Covid-19.

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