Case Study: Digital consultancy and its rise


Over the past years, many companies have been adapting, and entire industries master and grow. What could’ve changed in particular? The methods of advertising. While they stayed at home and re-examined their budgets, consumers were overwhelmed with advertisements, let it be on social media, email, or TV.

However, once these advertisements became more widespread, they seem to have faded on their influence. The traditional ways of reaching out to customers were not as impactful and hence the general mass was not spending as they used to earlier.

There is a new style of agency that has obtained adhesion in recent years and it’s called “digital consultancy”. These kinds of organizations are different from ad agencies, which means that they operate as consultants first, evaluating strategy and target audience to deliver effective results for their clients, and their consumers. There are two significant things to learn from their methods and processes, as they have notched up to become the ad agencies of the future.

Partner with your clients, don’t just instruct them

Partner up with brands to impactfully their message to their target audience. Or just cook up blanket advertisements to launch to the general audience? While these blanket advertisements may look impressive, or pretentious in the pages of a publication, but as the industry grows and changes constantly, brands need associates with a sufficient amount of expertise to aid them to generate strategies to amplify their business and themselves.

Rightpoint is a Chicago-based digital consultancy that has done exactly that for some of the world’s leading brands over the past 13 years. In 2007, co-founders Ross Freedman and Brad Schneider have aided a total of 250 Fortune 500 Companies to metamorphose their business. The company concentrates on developing successful user interactions, providing a new way of navigating via their apps, websites, and more. It also lends a helping hand from within to build easier yet efficient ways of interacting between employees. 

Promote intrapreneurship

Establishing the elemental value of “intrapreneurship” at Rightpoint, Freedman and Schneider prioritized an environment of personal responsibility and offering employees the authority and opportunity to initiate and begin something new internally in the company. This often directs to better ideas and a better business model. If everyone in the company feels like they have something to contribute, they become personally involved in their everyday work and that only produces a better company atmosphere.

They have witnessed the impact of their company atmosphere in their client and investor relationship as well. Freedman said that he has learned to steady things down so that the two companies can work collaboratively. He also added that they get to know each other and accept and celebrate differences. This sense of unity is what differentiates digital consultancies from the rest.

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