Case Study: How 2 million Mi TVs were sold in India under 15 months


The ‘Say it, See it’ campaign by Mi TV is a simple yet creative story presenting Mi TV and surrounding a family’s habitual contact with it. This further highlights how Mi TV is a central part of consumers’ and families’ everyday experiences in India

As a linkage to this campaign, Xiaomi has instigated a TV ad film, depicting some unique features of its Mi TV, highlighting specifically the voice command control powered by Google Assistant. It has a myriad of smart features that enable users to play the music in accordance to their choice, know weather updates, and many more with this voice command control, making life easier than making a pie!

The ad showcases humorous moments of a married couple, acted by the popular Indian television pair, Sumeet Raghavan and Rupali Ganguly, playing the husband and wife respectively. They are popularly known for Sahil and Monisha from ‘Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai’. The couple’s hilarious interaction, in company with the star child actor, Aryan Randhawa, concentrates on how the Mi TV is immensely blended in their daily lives and how it is the optimal choice for a smart TV.

Unlike a normal TV, the campaign laser focuses on the ability that a Mi TV allows users to leverage multiple smart features than the regular uses like watching a movie or listening to music. It underlines how a customer can connect to other IoT accessible devices effortlessly, for instance, Google Home, Alexa, Mi Air Purifier 2, etc at their accommodations with this smart TV and function it through a single voice command.

What makes the ad film very engaging is the reason that it carries potentially actual scenarios of life. It begins with the husband returning from work, joyfully entering his home. The moment he enters the house, the child uses Mi TV’s voice command control to play the popular Bollywood song called ‘Breakup song’ and then checks the weather forecast using the same voice command feature. The smart TV signals that there is an expected thunderstorm, implying that the wife is intensely angry as the husband has forgotten that it was their wedding anniversary.

Then, Monisha uses the voice command to check their anniversary date, which was the husband’s innocent mistake. As he tries to get in compromise with his wife, the child’s funny attempt to use the voice command accidentally plays another song called ‘Suno Na’, indicating that his wife may not listen to what he has to say.

Targeting this campaign at common families, Xiaomi made its first deal less than 15 months ago and sold well beyond 2 million smart TVs in India. It grew to be the number one company in the smart TV category for four consecutive quarters. The ‘Say it, See it’ campaign targets to educate its consumers about this smart TV’s one-of-a-kind features in a young smart TV market like India. 

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