Case study: How a Bangladeshi biscuit brand Potata become so popular in India


Have you ever listen of this brand “Pran Potata Spicy Biscuit”. This all started with just a tweet ‘These biscuits are addictive’ after which people start noticing its presence in many tweets, Instagram posts, and stories or videos of content creators. Social media amplify any content with a speed of light, the same goes with this biscuit brand. Now, what is special about this Bangladesh-based brand biscuit, or is it just a social media hype?

Potata is an exceptional spicy flavored biscuit with the main ingredient of potato and a heavy punch of herbs. It can be enjoyed as like a tea time snack and also during leisure times. A complete product for the people who love to try something different and spicy. Food is something that connects different personalities.

Two of the popular pickup potato snack in India are Haldiram’s Aaloo Bhujia and Lays chips. Once you tear a packet it’s hard for foodies to keep it without finishing it. So, there must be something different in Potata that creates space in the list of people’s groceries. It comes as perfectly round, perfectly golden discs substantial amount of potato solids or a thin wafer small enough to be scrunched up in one go with a burst of different flavor sweet-salt-tangy-spicy.

After getting enough attention across social media, this Potata biscuit soon become available on Amazon. People start placing the order and as a fact of surprise they loved the flavor, gradually packets reached local grocery stores.

A Mumbai-based content creator Rahul Jadhav shares his experience of having Potata, he said it goes well with different dips mainly with cheese. He is one of the creators whose tweet brings this brand to people’s timelines. He gets to know about Potata from Twitter itself when Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma, hosts of the popular food show Highway on My Plate, had tweeted about it in 2019. 

Potata is the product of Bangladeshi consumer goods company Pran Foods. This is not their first product to get popular in India, In North-East and West Bengal Pran’s products like rusk biscuits, packaged Jhal Muri (spicy puffed rice), instant noodles, and packaged juices liked by people. But Potata is the only one who gets pan India’s attention. Pran has over 100,000 employees, they export to 145 countries in 2019-20 only their Export revenue was Taka 110 crore (around ₹92.8 crores).

Globalization opens new opportunities for the countries to exhibit their product to different countries having different tastes and cultures. And it works great as people like to explore in Food, they crave for varieties. There is no fast rule for brands, some experiments may end up giving a huge generation of sales and some may fail miserably. 

Ready to eat food and packaged snack foods are high in demand especially in urban areas of India. Pran foods took a smart move to channelize their Potata biscuit in India where a spicy flavor is preferred.

Ahsan Khan Chowdhury, chairman, and CEO of the Pran-RFL group see India as a huge market, He says that ‘we want to grow in 700 taluks of India and we look at corporate India for inspiration, we desire to become a global company. Borders are meaningless. 

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