Cipla with new outreach #InhalersHainSahi


Cipla is back with its patient outreach initiative, #InhalersHainSahi, which aims to help asthma patients lead an unstoppable life with inhalers. 

This initiative focuses on raising awareness about asthma and the inherent role of inhalers in disease management through education. With the success of the previous campaign, there were 52% ad recalls and a 6% increase in inhaler consideration. 

The fourth chapter of #BerokZindagi continues to convey the central message that “Hain Sahi Asthma Inhaler” (Good Asthma Inhaler) aims to raiseawareness and educate people about asthma and how to treat it.

The campaign was conceived by the GRAY Group India Agency and TVC, written by Juneston Mathana, directed by Prashant Madan and produced by Paper Planes Pictures. The campaign has been amplified on different digital and traditional media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Radio. Speaking on the campaign, Juneston Mathana, Grey Group India, said, “We live in a society where everyone seems to have an opinion on matters, especially when it is concerned with the health and wellbeing of others.

 The film captures this behaviour and tackles the misconception and social stigma attached with asthmatics and their inhalers. #InhalersHainSahin drives home a very important and reassuring message, to young patients and most importantly, their parents. Listen only to your doctor and don`t get influenced by people`s opinions.” According to the Global Burden of Disease Report, “In India, around 93 million people suffer from chronic respiratory diseases; of which around 37 million are asthmatics.

India contributes only 11.1% of the global asthma burden, yet it accounts for more than 42% of all global asthma deaths, making it the capital of the world on asthma-related mortality. In conversation with Adgully, Dr Vikas Gupta, Commercial Director of Rx India,Cipla Ltd, shares information about #InhalersHainSahi campaign, choose digital approach first, as well as interactive with celebrity, real-time optimization and more.

What is the objective of the campaign? At Cipla, we are guided by the goal of “Caring for Life”, putting the patientat the heart of everything we do. Our goalis to go beyond the pill and help patients lead healthier lives.

 The #InhalersHainSahi campaign resonates with this same philosophy of ours. This public awareness campaign is an ongoing effort to combatthe stigma associated with asthma and appropriate treatment of asthma.

 The main goals are based on three pillars: Raising awareness about asthma and inhalers as an available treatment option Increase user adoption rate by starting legends Encourage social acceptance of inhalers by addressing societal stigma through education.

 This campaign is our attempt to normalize asthma and inhaler use in public. The greatest thing we have been able to achieve through this campaign is to not only educate asthma patients in India abouttheir condition but also educate those who do not have asthma.

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