Citi helps COVID-Struck Indians in kind


Adopting a different approach that focuses on helping the pandemic-affected rather than in cash, American lender Citi has extended aid worth Rs. 75 crore in a countrywide program focusing on delivering essentials to households, and other initiatives, officials have reported. Over tonnes of essentials which majorly include food items have reached over 20000 beneficiaries identified by the Wall Street Bank’s employees that was published as part of the programme.

  While different companies adopt different approaches for engaging with the community, a lot of focus seems to be on cash transfers, especially the newly-launched PM-CARES fund. The total amount was Rs.3221 crore has gone to other aspects related to the pandemic. The bank paid for testing of over 1 lakh individuals from low-income households in Maharashtra and provided one million meals to migrants and supported six start-ups working on various aspects related to the pandemic, including in the discovery of a vaccine, officials said. The company added that some of these funds will also be utilized to support a few mid to long-term initiatives that are being planned currently


   The program, it initiated the ‘You Nominate, We Donate’ program after the spread of the pandemic, wherein employees flagged potential beneficiaries to the bank. The way the families to show their appreciation to those who have been there for them in their own way this is an extraordinary situation, and we wanted our employees to feel part of the process of serving our communities that has been said by the company.


  A single packet containing a month’s supplies for a family including 10 kg rice, 10 kg wheat flour, 5 kg pulses, 1 kg salt, and 2 kg sugar, tea, or coffee, toothpaste, bathing soap, feminine hygiene products, and clothes washing soap was handed over to the beneficiaries. Its public affairs officers said that the nutritional value, brands, and dietary preference for each city were the primary consideration taken on board while extending their help.

  The three fourth of its employees participated in the program as it is helping in identifying the beneficiaries. Over 1.15 lakh calls were made to all the beneficiaries to check their antecedents and coordinate.


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