Cloud-Based HR Systems: Zimyo


Zimyo unveils a Cloud-based HR system for the modern workforce. Zimyo integrates all the HR activities under a single roof and eases the work of HRs.

Cloud is simply the internet, or a large volume of free space that facilitates easy storage of data, servers, networks, databases, etc. A cloud-based system enables the user to access the information and handle work in progress remotely from anywhere around the globe with great agility and confidentiality.

Human Resource (HR) management is a combination of many functions such as planning, recruitment, selection, training and development, career planning, rewards, compensation, and many more. Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is an enterprise system or software that compiles all these HR practices or functions, to improve HR efficiency. Therefore, a system that incorporates all the HR functions with the help of specialized tools is worth it. A cloud-based system facilitates easy access and operations within the system; thus, improving employee engagement and credibility.

Cloud-based HR operations also back support Small and Midsize Enterprises (SME’s), providing users with secure networks for storage, applications, and other services. These peculiarities allow easy management of all operations under a centralized platform, from payroll to training. Thus, HR will be systematically able to reduce costs, absenteeism, and skill gaps. The company can also utilize the platform to compete in the market, analyze competitors, plan precisely, work unitedly, and achieve targets and goals.

Human Resource Management ought to be very agile and futuristic in every aspect and cloud computing helps refine recruitment processes; overhaul training processes, design reward, and compensation techniques identify the best talent, and also upskill in the right place. Moreover, the system identifies the in-depth views of employee performance and aligns the track records, ultimately focusing on the company’s business objectives.   

Understanding that HR Technology lacks an edge in the country, Zimyo, a unique Human Resources Management System (HRMS), paves way for cloud-based HR systems for the modern workforce. Zimyo is a gurugram-based start-up founded by Kumar Mayank and Ajay Kadyan, who are professional financers. The major mission of Zimyo is to bring its SaaS platform and financial solutions to over 200 million SMB employees. It has a strength of 32,000 employees managing over 150 clients across India. Cloud-based HR system proves to reduce the onboarding time, turnover ratios; enhance employee engagement, automated queries, etc. Thus, the cloud platform helps easy operations and better management of the workforce.


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