Collaboration of AI and Digital Marketing to create Transformation in India


Marketers have focused on the latest methods of technologies to reach out to customers and create brand awareness. From an ancient exchange system to AI prediction, we have come a long way. Digital marketing is the new face of publicizing our product or brand or company.

AI has become essential in our day-to-day routine. Almost everything around us is AI build that provides us better experience, either as a marketer or a consumer. The relevance of AI has grown increasingly over the years. From human-figured robots serving our commands in sci-fi movies, AI is much more than we have seen in just cinemas.

Digital marketing is the new face of Marketing. The digitization of marketing activities has saved time and effort. An organization saves up a lot of their energy in finding prospective customers, statistical analysis of the market, sales, promotion, post-purchase behavior analysis, etc. with the help of AI.

Marketers used to be reluctant to use AI in their activities, but now the relevance of AI is really significant. The use of it to attract customer base by just feeding algorithm into is mind-blowing. Amazon, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. are apps that identify customer preferences and provide related searches that could possibly attract their attention. For example, an artist searching for paints on Amazon for his art projects may find related products such as canvases, brushes, palettes, and other art supplies, especially on discounted rates most of the time, might tend to buy an additional item with their current purchase.

The wonder of AI is to use data available on the internet of the customers to make decisions about consumer behavior, which is fascinating because it will cut short the task of marketers to collect surveys and derive conclusions from it without realizing some of the data collected could be falsely entered. Digital advertising is yet another fascinating factor in digital marketing. Since everyone carries a phone or a tab, the chances of attracting their attention to certain products with the help of online advertising are simple. We all know the 15 seconds advertisements of Snapchat or any other company while watching a YouTube video. This is one of the most effective promotional techniques marketers use.

We are maybe unknown to the term Machine learning which is a powerful tool that has an algorithm that makes decisions on customer past purchases, advanced demographics, search history, and spending habits. This is important because the use of human intervention is minimal. Similarly, AI chatbots have advanced equally. We might think the user we are interacting with must be a human, but in reality, it is a robot in most of the cases. AI algorithms have been designed in such a way that they can understand and imitate human behavior to provide better customer experiences.

As of the situation now, India is progressing to a digital nation and AI can pave the path for it.


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