10 Harsh Truths About Digital Marketing!!


The 10 harsh truths about digital marketing for anyone looking for a little method in the madness of digital marketing.  It includes:

It includes planning, creative and media, coming together simultaneously and very often in real-time. And everything happens now.

Try to think of digital media as a space in which people live, learn, and interact with each other. So, when it comes to conversations, it is all about the right place and the right time. Both are important.

  • Carpet Bombing

Carpet bombing refers to using Facebook ad campaigns and the primary medium to aim and reach maximum people possible in a certain location.

  • Observing your digital habits

Do start observing your own digital habits and the ones around you. What makes you consume a particular piece of content, what makes you search for something and what makes you forward something are priceless observations. Re-read the first three statements if you are not on the digital media.

  • Every day is different

Keep visiting your digital plans or strategies so you can always optimize it better and learn from it. Always take a step back before taking two steps forward.

  • Start imagining and stop debating

Data isn’t the enemy of creativity. When two opposites come together it will surely results in the good kind.

  • Content is King, Context is King Kong and ROI is Godzilla

Always try to create content that is in accordance with the context and moreover, produce content that gives you ROI otherwise all effort put into creating content will be better gone to waste.

  • Engage and influence over the number of followers

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, but how engaged your audience is with you and the influence they create.

  • Build a connection with your audience

Building a good bond with the audience is crucial for any business. By building a relation doesn’t mean, wishing them on special occasions like Eid, Diwali, etc. It means do not just create content but look at ways to build digital communities of interest points and then expand it.

     10.Push and Pull content

Brands need to understand what pulls the audience. They should ensure that the brand is present in the moment of truth.


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