Comedian Danish Sait delivers cheesy puns for Domino’s


Stand-up comedian and actor Danish Sait spit out multiple puns to promote Domino’s new range of cheesylicious pizzas.

Domino’s new philosophy is “There is no such thing as too much cheese” which seems quite relevant with its latest offerings. The world-famous pizza company recently announced the launch of its cheesylicious pizzas, which of course means a lot of cheese, as you thought. Pizza fans would definitely get it.

Talking about the ‘Cheese Dominator’, it is a large size pizza that contains around 0.45 kg or a pound of cheese which is 100 percent legit mozzarella and vicious liquid cheese. That sounds amazing!

Then there is the ‘4Cheese Pizza’. It is a combination of mozzarella, American cheese, feta cheese, rich creamy cheese, and a bit of ghost pepper-flavored cheese.

Now rolling with the people’s favorite ‘Cheese Burst’ pizza. The name itself suggests that how it is going to blow up your mouth with its overloaded creamy cheddar cheese and its smoky BBQ sauce. Sounds delicious right? But if you think you have had enough cheese, then you’re wrong. Watching stand-up comedian Danish Sait do multiple roles and say cheesy puns and dialogues for Domino’s is, due to lack of a better word, cheesier. What caught our attention is that the previous brand collaboration which Sait did was with Zomato, where he did the role of a delivery executive for a day. Why did we mention Zomato here? Well, the interesting fact here is that Domino’s only allows you to order its pizzas in Swiggy and Zomato. But the delivery? Dominos has made sure that it delivers the pizza to your home through its executives only.

Basically, there are two reasons for this act. Firstly, it lets Domino’s get access to consumer data for more effective targeting and marketing. Second, the blue T-shirt-wearing Domino’s delivery person could be a brand billboard in itself, which the pizza QSR won’t be abandoning. Domino’s Pizza won a reputation for its speedy delivery and customer satisfaction, which took their company nationwide. Even in recent times, it doesn’t fail to deliver quality pizzas at a cheap and affordable price to its customers and win their hearts.

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