Consumers have not lost trust in Nestle Maggi brand


India is the second largest smartphone market next to China. The mobile phone category is witnessing brisk sales lately even while there is a slowdown in the consumer goods sales in general. Due to the hectic buying activity, consumers are not aware of what is good and bad in the market that influences choice and brand trust. The latest version of the Brand Trust Report by Mumbai based TRA has revealed some info on this.

Samsung Mobiles has emerged as the most trusted brand in India for the first time. It has been dramatic leapfrogging 377 positions in the last year to become the second brand that is most trusted in India next to LG. This year, Samsung is the first one and LG is in the third spot. Sony is in the second spot and Nokia in the fourth one. The fifth most trusted brand is Tata. These were let out by the CEO of TRA, N Chandramouli.

The trust on Tata brand has been declining steadily in the past three years. It has moved from the third position in 2014 to the fifth this year. The business group should analyze the reason for the drop in trust, he added. The analysis done by TRA shows that trust is a dynamic factor that is influenced by a certain perception of a product that is not as expected or negative news. The reasons for Tata’s trust to go down could be the struggles with Nano or the sales of the expensive Jaguar Land Rover.

Interestingly, the instant noodles brand, Nestle Maggi that was banned and recalled in the last year has come to the sixty-fifth position this year. It has jumped by 42 positions in comparison to the last year when it was in the 107th position. Notably, it was in the 87th position in 2014. This shows that the consumers believe in the attributes of the brand. It has not suffered a major trust deficit even despite its crisis that Nestle Maggi faced.



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