Covid-19: Government extends Rs 50 Lakh Insurance scheme for health care providers


In the midst of a rising number of COVID-19 cases, the administration has broadened the Rs 50 lakh insurance scheme for around 22 lakh human service suppliers for an extra three months till September. The plan executed by New India Assurance was scheduled to end on June 30, keeping with the declaration made by the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman as a component of the Rs 1.70 lakh Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan package in march. The insurance gives an exhaustive individual mishap front of Rs 50 lakh to an aggregate of around 22.12 lakh open welfare suppliers, including health laborers, who may be in direct contact and care of patients suffering coronavirus disease and who is also in peril of being littered with this.

An official proclamation stated that the Insurance Plan for health laborers in government medical clinics and human services habitats operationalized with effect from March 30, 2020. National Disaster Response Fund, operated by the Ministry of health and family welfare funds the insurance scheme. Specialists, attendants, paramedics, sanitation laborers, and a pair of others working in medical clinics under the central and state governments are secured under this insurance scheme.
While declaring the plan, The Finance minister had stated that Safai Karamcharis, ward-young men, medical caretakers, ASHA laborers, paramedics, professionals, specialists and authorities, and other health laborers would be secured by the extraordinary Insurance scheme. She added that if any professional, meet with some mishap while treating Covid-19 patients, he/she are remunerated with an amount of Rs 50 lakh under this scheme.

She also included that government health centers, health focuses, and clinics inside the state and center are secured under this scheme. Later the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in an FAQ explained that the Private hospital staff treating Covid-19 patients are going to be covered under this plan. FAQ added that “ individuals who are locked in by both open and private health care institutions through an office, and were conveyed or drafted for care and have direct contact with the COVID-19 patient, the proof should be provided to ensure that the services of the agencies are engaged by the organization.


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