DA approach in Technology Services


Be it is increasing efficiency, making better and quicker decisions, or reducing costs, data analytics remains at its center for all ventures.

With over and above 15,900 employees and 283 customers worldwide, L&T Technology Services is getting a hold on data analytics to make crucial business decisions. 

Analytics help shorten the sales cycle through sales pipeline analysis that helps prioritize hot deals and pre-planning of resource needs and likely revenue. Revenue assurance reports help streamline invoices and accruals against open projects to ensure timely billing and various quality-related matrices to ensure smooth delivery of projects.

Under the new routine, various analytical reports have enabled the employees’ safety and security to work from home, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted business continuity.

Using such engineering as mentioned above analytics, LTTS has maintained healthy project margins, optimized resource utilization & shortened customer billing cycle.

Traditionally, every Business Unit or function having its team for churning out reports, and these get evaluated on data and insights during various meetings. Moreover, L&T Technology Services is moving towards BI & Analytics as self-service, thereby taking it to the masses instead of keeping it locked and accessible to only a few selected people in the organization. 

Thus, the benefits can be derived across the organizations such as project managers and other people working on the ground, getting proactive insights, which helps meet organization objectives of on-time delivery, timely invoicing utilization of resources, and others.

LTTS believe ML & AI will help identify patterns and trends early, proactively equipping them in making an effective business decision. The practical and efficient use of ML and AI is in the cybersecurity domain, for user and entity behavior analytics for identifying anomalies like impossible travel scenarios for login, login from an unknown location. All these are helping in preventing cyber threats. These also help to get rid of phishing attempts. 

Once AI strategy and roadmap are being set up for the organization, these are divided into two–short term and long term. The short time helps realize and demonstrate benefits to prior groups, who then talk about these to their peers and how it’s benefiting them. This, in turn, enables change management and hence in our long-term strategy and rollout across seamless business operations.

Another critical aspect is the involvement of senior-most leadership in the entire change process, including communication matters.

Moreover, as observed during the ongoing new normal, the influence of empathy and inclusiveness in a real sense also helps calm the nerves to a considerable extent while scoring high on the trust quotient.


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