AI Hacking Connected Car: What the future holds?


Cyber Criminals are on the verge to exploit the ever-emerging technology including AI and Machine Learning which enables them to organize an attack on drones, autonomous cars as well as other technologies.

Despite the vast benefits that come with vast benefits to society quiet, on the contrary, the same tech may bring a vast arsenal of threats that may further enhance the current form of crimes as well as lay the foundation for the evolution of malicious activity.

Irakli Beridze who happens to be the Head of the Centre for AI and Robotics at UNCRI stated that just as the benefits of technology exist for society so are the threats that may be used maliciously.

Apart from the existing threats of malware, ransomware attacks, and superpower phishing, by the sheer abuse of machine learning, cybercriminals may very easily conduct attacks having a devastating impact in the real world.

At the present moment, machine learning is being used in autonomous vehicles to enable them to identify the surrounding environment around them and obstacles in their path such as pedestrians which must be avoided while traveling.

These algorithms at the present scenario are still under development and may be easily exploited by attackers to aid them in creating chaos and promote crime. Let us consider the example of the scenario in which an AI system attacked given the attacker access to the very networking system that connects them!

They may able to create traffic delays and may with the help of a stolen credit card details create a swamp of hired vehicles and manipulate that fleet as per their desire wreaking havoc. These may enable cybercriminals to team up with others doing a physical robbery get the required time to escape by making the crime inaccessible because of the fleet of cars that they can manipulate at their disposal.

It has been visibly evident that a rise in the number of automated vehicles on road would potentially be leading to a rise in on the attack surfaces. Hence, we must consider the vulnerability of such tech must be considered sooner than later.

Cybercriminals may also target autonomous drones as per their interest as these drones have the potential to carry “interesting” payloads.

Exploited drones may provide cybercriminals with a very simple and easy route to make money by hacking into the drones and redirecting the same by making a delivery to their desired customers and receiving payments from the same 

Hence one must be very diligent and proceed with extreme safety and precaution while venturing further with the implementation of AI in day-to-day tech and or prior deciding to fully automate operations.


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