JK Lakshmi Cement improves operational visibility aided by IoT and AI


JK Lakshmi Cement is one of the very well-established names in the Indian Cement Industry having their name stand out over three decades as of now. The company now seeks to get a foothold in the current age of technologies for further enhancement of operations and gaining visibility over their business avenues.

JKLC are making investments in IoT and automation. The company is currently leveraging IoT for multiple use cases and also in its key operations ranging from fleet management, supply chain management and also for water conservation. The company is also planning for automation of logistics operations and supply with the aid of Machine Learning based platform. The platform helps further support business intelligence and also feed data-driven insights which enable the company for saving cost and efficiently manage their operations.

As per the recent statement made by Shailendra Chouskey. Whole Time Director at JK Lakshmi Cement while addressing the ETCIO that they plan usage of AI engines for optimisation of manufacturing operations at their cement production plant across the nation. For the current year, they committed themselves to successfully piloting an automation project around identification and volumetric analysis of materials and stockpiles.

Being a prominent business leader as we all know Mr Chouskey is under the influence of data-driven intelligence and technologies. Mr Chouskey along with his team have worked upon several new projects in a very small-time frame. As per Mr Chouskey, the company has become adapted to the changing management and technology-driven working modules in such a fashion that its focus lies on investing more in technologies which can add further value to both the top as well as bottom lines.

As the company is still in the process of gaining insight and getting better accuracy from their existing data models, the undermined factor responsible is the major source and capturing of quality data. The company does claim to have faced many challenges and one of them is the scarcity of quality data for their training models. Chouskey and team are preparing for advanced data techniques and are making a wise investment in resources and technologies for addressing the challenges being faced by them.

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