IndusInd Bank Using Multi-Cloud to Ace Their Game


Migrating themselves from the already existing infrastructure to one that is majorly software-defined data centre (SDDC) environment, IndusInd Bank is now aiming for accelerated innovation and also to deliver newer customer experiences. The cloud journey for IndusInd Bank started in the year 2015 with VMware by the implementation of private cloud iMegh. Mr Biswabrata Chakravorty the CIO of IndusInd Bank believes that multi-cloud does hold the key for launching towards long term growth and scalability.

For the past five years, many private lenders have focussed on ensuring this was customizable and made easy for consumption by various applications and business owners.

Mr Biswabrata Chakravorty also stated that they have successfully baked in blueprints and templatized everything on the clouds whilst ensuring strict regulatory compliance and the highest security standards. For further enhancing such a change, they claim to have pushed all the intelligence to this software layer.

The Bank has also been exploring a multi-cloud strategy for different workload and has successfully moved some of the critical workloads to the cloud.

Mr Biswabrata further added that they are still in an early phase as the cloud is in the constant requirement for regular revision for security and costs. They also believe that the data added by them has helped in building and further enhancing resiliency and scalability.

Being a universal bank, IndusInd has prepared ourselves for massive scale in client acquisition, digital payments and digitized processes- the organization needed to adopt principles of architecture to address these demands.

Mr Chakravorty is also implementing the usage of rapidly changing application DNA by adopting Kubernetes based modular architecture. The banking firm also needs to deploy and manage Virtual Machines at scale with principles of ZTNA.

Hence, we have redesigned our data centre for performing like a software hub across multiple cloud environments-with management via a single pane of glass.

The iMegh-VMware Cloud on AWS is an agile infrastructure layer upon which these microservices are being deployed.

VMware Clouds on AWS has allowed IndusInd Bank to enhance the on-premise private cloud infrastructure for mission-critical workloads. It gives the flexibility to scale up on-demand private clouds on AWS and on-premises.

With unpredictable demand and 24X7 availability of banking services, effectively managing scalability becomes challenging.


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