Dabur releases a 3 min video about the way honey is sourced


The advertisement shows honey gatherers on a honey trail in the Sunderban; features the ‘beehive to breakfast table’ journey of honey.

What does a honey producer do after defamations have been projected on its virtue? First of all, it publicizes. It’s been around a month since Dabur woke up to questions about whether its honey is pure, because of the Center for Science and Environment (CSE). In a long-structure advertisement film, the group makes a decent attempt to scatter all questions, by demonstrating to us the journey of honey from beehives in the forest to our metropolitan breakfast table.

Packed with excellent visuals and hypnotizing music, the film shows nearby honey collectors, conquering the chances and sourcing honey from the forests of Sundarban, West Bengal. The last shot is performed to show honey tumbling from the hive, into some tea. The film closes with an excessively on the screen that peruses: ‘100% unadulterated, No sugar contaminated’.

Sunderban is the biggest mangrove forest in the world. Conceptualized by Ice Media, the film shows us how a gathering of honey collectors- Gopal Mondal (pioneer), Krishna Mondal, Rajkumar Bairagi, and others – scour these wildernesses, following the honey trail.

Sharing the advertisement on YouTube, the brand stated: “Before the way of life of apiary cultivating, individuals used to chase the honeycombs and extract honey from them. This training is as yet continued in the wildernesses of Sunderban, where individuals from specific gatherings go, taking a chance with their lives to draw out the most perfect honey for you.”

Aalap Desai, NCD, Happy McGarryBowen India, feels that Dabur is one of only a handful few brands that can emphatically guarantee “100% Natural Honey” in India. “With questions about the quality, the customer frequently needs a slight push to persuade them for something they as of now have confidence in. The film, with delightful visuals and legitimate stories, does exactly that,” he expresses.

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