DaMENSCH launches campaign #PossessiveAboutPlastic

  • DaMENSCH saved 10L+ units of single-use plastic in packaging over a year, switching to corn-husk and paper.
  • The campaign motivates people to get creative and upcycle plastic waste at home.
  • The company is calling for entries from DIY artists  

Mumbai, 28th July, 2021: Humans and plastic, it’s a bad, toxic relationship. So why not get #PossessiveAboutPlastic is the question, DaMENSCH – the sustainable men’s essential wear brand, is asking. The campaign #PossessiveAboutPlastic is launched today on Nature Conservation Day with the aim to encourage all to upcycle plastic products at home through various DIY art & craft methods. The campaign will last for a week till August 4th.

The objective of the campaign is to send a message that if everyone picked up one plastic waste item and repurposed it at home, that’s impactful enough for nature. 

Users can find DIY upcycling ideas here for home decor and other functional uses from plastic waste : possessiveaboutplastic.damensch.com 

The campaign is active on the brand’s Instagram handle where they are calling for entries from everyone to share innovative creations using plastic. 

Best entry will get an exciting prize.  

By shifting from plastic to corn-husk or paper based packaging alone has resulted in DaMENSCH saving 10L + units of single use plastic. Almost 160 Burj Khalifas in length if you pile them up. Bamboo fabric, sustainable dyes, long lasting material, smartly sourced cotton from the Deccan Plateau are few other actions undertaken.

DaMENSCH a Made in India brand, for the world, has deployed cutting-edge amalgamation of novel fabric and global sensibilities of style and design.


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