DATA: APAC Third-Party Data Sales Doubled YoY


Lotame’s audience demographic segment sales growth counters the narrative that the industry is leaning into contextual targeting 

SINGAPORE/INDIA/SYDNEY – (October 20, 2021) – Lotame (, the only flexible data solutions provider to future proof connectivity and drive performance across all screens, today announced its APAC third-party data sales nearly doubled from H1 2020 to H1 2021. Globally, third-party data segments have seen a 41% increase in data sales YoY, with demographics remaining the highest revenue generating category. The continuing phase-out of third-party cookies has created a new generation of innovative identity tools that are more accurate, privacy forward, and increasingly effective. While pervasive market narratives push the need to resign to contextual targeting, Lotame is seeing a surge in demand for technologies that enable a complete view of the customer. New tools are driving sales, sparking marketer interest, and sharply improving yields for sellers.

“Third-party data is increasing in relevance to marketers, media agencies and publishers when applied with the new privacy-forward technology. Our data points away from a reversion to weaker contextual tools amid the identity shift,” said Zuzana Urbanova, Head of Data Solutions – APAC, at Lotame. “The market is heavily investing in supplemental data, specifically demographic information, and our data displays its value as an integral part in the holistic view of the consumer.”

The APAC region saw significant increases in the purchase of various audience segments as strategic marketers invested in data to drive consumer engagement. The APAC segments that saw significant growth from Q1 to Q2 include: 

  • In Singapore, audience targeting of finance professionals grew 5x
  • In India, Lotame saw a 200% increase in targeting towards government employees, officials, and agencies

Overall, the top APAC third-party data segments in H1 2021 were:

  • Education – College / University Students 
  • Precision Demographic Audiences
  • B2B Procurement / Supply Chain Management
  • E-commerce / Retail Industry
  • Advanced Demographic Data – HHI & Good Credit Score
  • B2B SME
  • Pet Owners

“Amid the pandemic, the ecommerce industry experienced a major uptick in APAC over the last year and our top audience segments in the APAC region reflect that growth,” continued Urbanova. “Looking at how strongly demographic and retail data segments are performing as we approach the end of the third-party cookie, it could not be clearer that third-party data is not going away, nor will marketers be able to make less use of it.”

In terms of third-party data growth in APAC, Australia, India, Singapore and the Philippines are in Lotame’s list of top 10 performing countries globally driving data sales, with Australia coming in at number three. This is in part because of growth in regional Q2 data sales: the Philippines experienced a 25% increase while Singapore reported an increase of 171%.

The data was sourced from Lotame Data Exchange, the world’s largest second- and third-party data marketplace, comprising billions of monthly unique users.


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