Dazzl the new multipurpose home cleaning product


Advertisements for Dabur’s Dazzl range make a case for its home cleaning products at a time when the equity of a company is rooted in how efficiently it can kill germs. We were witnessing advertisements on YouTube and Instagram for the products. The communication’s selling factor is that the goods serve as ‘home sanitisers’

Dazzl Disinfectant Spray, Dazzl Multipurpose Surface Cleaner (which promises to kill 99.9 percent of germs on simple and complex surfaces) contains the entire range of products under Dazzl. The collection also includes the Floor Cleaner Dazzl Disinfectant and the Glass Cleaner by Dazzl.

This brand was launched in 2004, and since then, Dabur has kept equity in the home cleaning market. Dabur, as a brand, has gained greater attention due to the onset of the Coronavirus, because some of the most common products (like Chyawanprash) help improve immunity.

In the immunity-building region, Dabur is a traditional brand with long-standing equity. We expect that this equity would spill over to help customers trust it in the space to destroy hygiene and germs.

After all, making the argument of destroying germs is simple for a well-known brand like Dabur. To combat germs, most immunity-boosting brands have also launched products. But a customer may not be interested in a hygiene brand adding a product into the field of immunity. (Can you imagine Lizol rendering a Chyawanprash?)

In these two categories, there are key differences which make it difficult for brands to introduce products (in these two completely different, but coexisting areas). In itself, the hygiene and sanitisation area has seen a fascinating range of sustainability. First, hand sanitisers were present, and then surface sanitisers came into the frame. Finally, with the aid of advanced ‘air’ sanitisers, we have companies promising to sanitise the air we breathe.

However, Rishabha Nayyar, Head of Strategy, 82.5 Communications opposes that there will not be a clear rub off from immune-led goods, such as honey and Chyawanprash, to hygiene and sanitation area offerings. The endorsement of the Dabur brand, moreover, carries a tremendous amount of confidence, which will certainly play a role in improving the credibility of Dazzl ‘s statements,” he adds.

Nayyar has more than 13 years of experience as a strategic consultant and has consulted with the Domex brand of Reckitt Benckiser in the previous. He claims that it is technically possible to expand the same brand from immunity to sanitation but this may not be efficient. He states that one is an absorbed category, and thus requires the keys of goodness and nutrition. The other is a classification that has to be applied externally to surfaces to destroy unwanted germs and viruses and therefore has to have the keys to be strong and efficient.


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