Milk Bikis new campaign to celebrates the relationship with Tamil Nadu


Milk Bikis has been released a new campaign to celebrate Tamil Nadu’s extremely unique relationship and friendship for over 40 years. The film shows the timeless essence of friendships in early childhood, all-loving and comforting, one where you can be yourself in the true friendships without filters.

Developed by OPN Ads the film navigates the story of two friends who name each other Semiya and Bonda as they create an early childhood friendship over Milk Bikis, grow up and split and gradually reconnect after decades with their favourite biscuit, beginning from where they left off.

The company has a strong trust position in Tamil Nadu, one it has cherished and nourished throughout the last 4 decades. In Tamil Nadu, the biscuit brand is a feeling and is an important part of the development of people who have grown up in Tamil Nadu.

Milk Bikis is child’s everyday snacking buddy as they rise from kindergarteners to school-goers. In school, over many bites of Milk Bikis, deep bonds are formed. The brand is the very first asset of friendship, openly traded for missing class notes, for break time pranks from lunch boxes, on the playfield.

Talking regarding the campaign, Vinay Subramanyam, Vice President, Marketing of Britannia Industries said, Childhood relationships, having grown up in the magical age of the 80s and 90s, the endless memories of friendship, the enjoyable times in home and school, the exchanging of secrets and the mutual rituals that symbolised the friendships developed. Britannia Milk Bikis is honoured that over the past 40 years to have been a part of many of those. Therefore, the brand shares with Tamil Nadu a unique friendship that stretches about 40 years. Through this campaign, we not just to celebrate decades of support given to us by our customers, but also pay tribute to the intimate connection of friendship we share with them.

This film depicts the charm of numerous childhood relationships that Britannia Milk Bikis has solidified over the decades as the brand enjoys its 40 + years of relationship with the state, “said Bala Manian, Chief Executive Officer, OPN Ads.”


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