Delhi shuts market for violating covid rules


As we all know, Delhi is one of the top states that is emerging in the list of the top number of covid cases in India has violated rules in few markets which can be to be noticed by the government and that led to shutting down of it.

The state has enforced its revised rules and regulations from the very beginning of this month and by the second week, the rules and regulations got more tightened as the state did not witness any change in the number of covid cases.

It came into notice that some vendors, shopkeepers and the public were not following the covid rules which were implemented by the government to control the number of covid cases in the state and the government decided to shut down it completely until further notification is issued. 

During the first week of January, the government shut down Sonia Vihar2nd Pushta Market and Mukund ViharMarket in Karawal Nagar due to the same reason.

The government now shut down the Kali Ghata Market in west Karawal Nagar Road in northeast Delhi on Thursday for violating thE Covid 19 rules which were imposed on the state by the government due to the number of covid cases which is rising in the state. 

The Authorities announced the market will be closed from Thursday, 10 am onwards.

The government issued the order to follow covid 19 rules in the state and when it comes to markets and shops the government asked the vendors and shopkeepers to hang the board of covid 19 rules such as wearing a mask, frequently sanitizing, and social distancing.

The government also issued the order to open the shop on odd days but since all of the measures were not followed by the markets and the shops the government decided to shut it off to control the situation.

The DDMA has issued strict rules and regulations in the state to follow but since the state is not following the government is completely bringing it into a shut.

The Assistant Police Commissioner of the state has been enforced to keep in check with the rules and regulations that the state has put down to control the number of covid cases.

According to the latest reports, the number of covid cases in the state is 27,561, and 40 deaths on Wednesday with a test positivity rate of 26.22%. 

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