How hard did the third wave of covid affect Bengaluru?


Despite the number of covid cases which is increasing in the state, the Karnatak government says that the third wave of covid, the omicron surge is much better than the second and the first wave of covid.

Even though the cases and the test positivity rate are increasing high, the number of Omicron cases in the city is comparatively low than the number of covid cases in the city. The symptoms and the infection which is spread through this variant are mild.

According to the health minister of the state the number of hospital beds out of 9200 in the count, only 420 are occupied with this wave and that itself shows that this variant is relatively less haram than the variants which passed by us.

The hospitalization rate during the second wave of covid was around 33% during April and by June it was 22% and now the hospitalization rate during the third wave is between 5% to 8% and over 93% of the people are recovering the home isolation as per the reports.

Although the state is witnessing a rise in the number of covid cases day by day the government has asked the public to strictly follow the covid 19 revised rules and regulations to control the cases in the city.

The government has asked the people to wear masks, sanitize frequently and maintain social distancing in a group and also follow the other protocols which have been implemented in the state in order to control the situation. 

According to the reports, there will be no complete lockdown imposed in the state as the economy will be in ruin so the government is imposing a containment zone on the areas where the cases are so high in number. 

The state reported 25,005 new cases in the city with a test positivity rate of 20%. Out of the number of cases 18,000 cases were from the city only. 

The government asks the people to strictly follow the rules and regulations as well as to cooperate with the government in order to bring the situation in control.

Since the variant is mild compared to the other waves of covid this time while following the rules implied we can bring the situation in control within a short period of time. 

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