‘Deliver Possibilities Faster’: Lalamove logistics campaign


Lalamove is introducing a new ‘Deliver Possibilities Faster’ initiative to help small and medium-sized businesses The fast delivery campaign will help the business and its customers to get the product within less time.

The campaign focused on the fastest delivery to meet the expectations of the customer. In this digitalized world the business is turning more to e-commerce platforms. In the C0VID-19 pandemic situation the e-commerce business growing faster than expected, So every small and medium business needs the support of the logistics delivery service by providing faster service to the customers. Lalamove’s new campaigns aim at the new business areas by delivering in a short time.

The company is planning to do promotion services through advertisements all over India. The advertisements will give through the Billboards, Vehicle wraps and LED boards. The offline promotions will go through the markets, industrial parks and public transportation areas. The promotions will help the customers to aware of Lalamove logistics.

Lalamove company’s country marketing manager said that The new normal has become to act fast and dynamically. But what is as important, in this time of need, is to have an idea that speaks to our audience. The execution and launch of a global campaign across 8 Asia Pacific markets with varying degrees of development were important to us. Not only did this one theme share consumer insight but it also became an easy-to-adaptation model for the company through different locations.

The Lalamove allows businesses from a broad range of industries to scale and outsource their deliveries according to their needs. Lalamove is providing real-time tracking codes for the customers to getting information that to be delivered. Lalamove launched in India on the year of 2019, Lalamove was founded to make on-demand and delivery on the same day possible for everyone by pressing a button. Today, Lalamove operates in 21 Asian and Latin American cities linking more than 7 million customers with a network of over 700,000 driver-partners. Lalamove effortlessly links consumers and drivers around the world to transfer things that matter, through dedicated smartphone and web applications.


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