‘Sensor and Sensibility’ campaign by Jaquar


Jaquar one of the most famous company that manufacturing the products for the Bathroom and lighting solutions. Now the Jaquar Group is introducing a new campaign ‘sensor and sensibility ‘ the company is aiming to provide most advance technology with the contactless using of the bath and lightning solutions

Jaquar is focusing on bringing the advanced technology on the products it leads the company to compete with other brands and they can show up their unique features. The customers will go with the advanced technology so it will help the company to maximize the business. The Jaquar is concentrating on the bath-ware, sanitary ware, and solutions to update with the contactless technology and also they are customizing the existing products to contactless technology.

The campaign introducing the sensor technology includes touch-free and, energy-saving and also the motion sensor on the bath ware solutions. The lighting solutions are very useful to the household and commercial purposes like airports, hospitals, restaurants and shopping malls. The contactless function and the advanced technologies will help the users to operate easily. Now the world is depending on the technology so every company has to upgrade like that, So this was one of the reasons for introducing the technology by Jaquar.

Jaquar marketing head and communication-global operations.Mr. Sandeep Shukla said that The worldwide pandemic-driven scenario has prompted us to rethink our behaviours and our interaction with surfaces at home and in the general public. It’s become important to ‘break the chain’ of infection and rehabilitate most aspects of our lives, including the places we visit and the surfaces we touch. The quality-assured, technology-based, ‘touch-free’ goods from the Jaquar Group aim to help is a seamless transition to a touch-free lifestyle for both public and private spaces.

The company is very concerned about the health of the customers, So they are providing the technology to the Jaquar products to secure the life of the users. In the current scenario the COVID-19are spreading through the contacts so the touchless products will help to prevent the spread of the virus. The Jaquar finds more space in the business sector by innovating new technologies,  


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