Deliveroo announces Onfido AI technology to set foot on the horizon of food delivery


Deliveroo, the online food delivery firm headquarters is in London was founded in 2013 by Greg Orlowski and Will Shu. The mission is to lead the world’s best-confined restaurant to every person’s home or office. Deliveroo is altering the way people about food conveyance by contributing transparent, fast, and reliable delivery from top quality restaurants.

Artificial Intelligence is modifying the way the on-call delivery field is enlarging technologically. Organizations across the globe are making efforts and investments to implant AI into their work operations to transform the ways of working across industries in a significantly possible way.

Deliveroo, the online food delivery company, to expand its services globally started utilizing Onfido technology supported by Artificial Intelligence to verify the identity of workers and customers. So, this new partnership will make it safer, faster, and easier for workers in the delivery fleet. The use of Onfido technology will secure the corporate’s potential to expand the scale of employees within the delivery of orders and engaging them systematically to meet the increase in demand to support its companion restaurants.

By using facial biometrics, Onfido AI technology finalizes document verification and substantiates that the identifier matches the user’s face. This expertise guarantees that the individual providing the identification identity is the true proprietor and is physically present, thus saving time and money and eliminating guide verifications. Under the Emirate imaginative and prophetic website, a bunch of data scientists and Artificial Intelligence algorithms fill out strawberries far away in automated greenhouses are participating in the inaugural sensible farming contest organized by Bindudu, the greatest agricultural E-commerce platform in China.

Scientist competes against conventional farmers who are expert in the field of agriculture, to understand who can provide the most profitable advantage from the plots of land assigned to them in a persistent competition between man and machine, this time within the discipline of agriculture. To increase efficiency in their market-leading food delivery service, Deliveroo, the online food delivery firm heavily relies on data insights and machine learning. It invests in resources that give a competitive edge and the success of the firm lies in its quick feedback to customer concerns and demands. It is all thanks to the data-driven and decision-making process.


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