Demand For Data Analytics – A New Surge


Organizations are going digital, partially or completely, and have tremendous development potential. What is causing this development? It is ‘data’, presently considered as the new equivalent to oil. In recent times, big data is assisting organizations in more informed decision-making and is introducing the best products and services. The worldwide big data analytics market, which was valued at USD 37.34 billion in 2018 is relied upon to grow at a CAGR of 12.3% (from 2019 to 2027) to arrive at an estimated, gigantic amount of USD 105.08 billion by 2027.

Big data incorporates a more steady business climate because of data-driven, safer decisions. Almost all organizations today are being helmed by data analytics and has now become the foundation of specific industries such as finance.

Professional Requirements

Technology professionals with high expertise in analytics are in high-demand as companies are trying to harness the power of Big Data. The number of job postings in and around analytics has expanded considerably and this surge is due to the ever-growing number of companies integrating analytics.

The demand for analytics skills is highly increasing yet there is an immense shortage on the supply side, universally. Despite big data analytics being considered a ‘Hot’ job, there are as many empty positions across the globe because of a deficit in requisite expertise.

India, currently, has the highest concentration of analytics universally. Yet, there is an acute shortage of data analytics professionals, and demand for them is expected to increase as more worldwide companies are outsourcing their work.

Benefits of data

Data can likewise assist a company with managing risk.

When you have possession of data, settling on business decisions will be more agreeable because they are supported by realities. With the data gathered, one can perceive what functions admirably, and what is needed to improve or dispose of totally.

If one item is selling well, additional time and energy should be invested into creating things like it. Also, if something is difficult to sell, the item can be removed.

From the data, in case it is observed that customers need better assistance or need a greater quantity of something, resources can be put into training employees to live up to their expectations. However, if individuals are content with the experience, money can be set aside and can be spent on improving different areas of business. It has been reported that Big Data Analytics is one of the top priorities of the companies partaking in the study as they accept that it tremendously improves the performances of their companies.

In a review conducted, 65.2% of respondents are utilizing some type of analytics that is helping their business needs. Given the significance of data analytics in any company’s well-being and success, data skills are in huge demand in the work environment. Experts with great analytics skills are progressively being sought out by organizations and companies that manage heaps of data to illuminate better decision-making.

Rather than perhaps having their technology department, companies will have an analytics division where they’ll deal with all the analytic projects of the different departments of an organization.

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