DishiS Designer Jewellery


DishiS Designer Jewellery is a brand synonymous with its creator Dishi Somani a Delhi based jewellery designer.

Since its launch, DISHIS has grown exponentially. During this period, thousands of satisfied customers are wearing more than 10-thousand designs by DISHIS. In recent years, it has also diversified by selling fashion and silver jewellery in addition to precious gold, diamonds and gemstones.  

Since her childhood, Dishi had a flair for design and jewellery. It was her dream to convert her talent into a reality, thus, she established DISHIS DESIGNER JEWELLERY(DISHIS). Her aim has always been to make designer gold and diamond jewellery available easily and at affordable prices. 

DISHIS provide end-to-end jewellery solutions because it conceives, designs, manufactures and offers intricately crafted exclusive jewellery pieces. Consequently, making it easier for consumers to shop from the comforts of their homes with a click and delivery e-commerce provision. DISHIS also offers custom jewellery to consumers who seek extravagance, for which consumers can personally connect with Dishi and have her design or place orders based on the design they are inspired with. 

From the beginning, Dishi decided to tread a path less travelled, which emanated from the belief that exclusivity does not mean expensive nor should it be restricted to the upper class. Elegance and style are for everybody. The objective was to design exquisite jewellery for women from all walks of life, irrespective of their income.

In addition, to its own website and, DISHIS has a presence in marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy. DISHIS jewellery is available for sale all over India and globally in countries the USA, Australia and parts of Europe.


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